We prioritize the safety and convenience of public transport services, reach every corner of Ulaanbaatar city, provide quality services to our customers, increase the value of the company, and contribute to the development of Mongolia.


Among the resources in the organization such as HUMAN - CAPITAL - TECHNOLOGY - FINANCE, the HUMAN aspect is the main value that has the greatest influence on the success and development of any organization. An employee of an organization is a citizen of that said organization. Because the employee's potential is never exhausted, and there is a need for continuous development and change, we not only develop our employees, but also train them in various training seminars focusing on the attitude of employees, their enthusiasm for the organization, and their work. This is implemented as part of our human resource policy and operations.


With the purposes of recycling and innovation, a tire factory with the complete list of tools and equipment for fixing and retreading old tires of buses working in public transport services was put into operation. Additionally, for the first time in the field of public transportation, a complete 720 persons capacity sports gymnasium was built and put into operation with our own funds. Our second bus depot also got renovated recently, with state-of-the-art equipment for washing buses; an eco-washing system with 9 settling tanks and filters for heating and purifying the water used for washing buses was built and put into operation, with the help of a Mongolian engineer’s planning. In order to increase the visibility of the city of Ulaanbaatar at night, we have implemented exterior lighting at every office building and bus depots we own across the city.


20% of the company's public transport buses (which translates to total of 24 buses), run on CNG natural gas. Which makes these buses zero emission emitting eco-friendly transports for the city. In order to serve the passengers of Ulaanbaatar city with clean transportation, a fully automatic eco-washing station for buses with recycled gray water at a cost of 500 million MNT (or 140,000 USD) was commissioned for the first time in the transportation industry, and has been used consistently and constantly.


In order to create a competent and stable employee, we pay special attention to the training and development and assessment of competencies in order to improve and develop the knowledge and skills of employees, to cultivate the leadership skills of managers, to strengthen the relationship between employees and managers, and to strengthen the capabilities of human resources. The company has 2 consulting engineers from Mongolia, 3 qualified engineers, 3 qualified managers, 11 qualified engineers and technicians, 10 internal auditors, 26 trained in labor safety and hygiene, 10 qualified repairmen, and last but not least, 235 bus drivers/operators which all have acquired their D category driving license for operating large buses.


Our company founded "Tenuun-Ogoo Sports Club" in 2011 as part of its social responsibility, and for the 11th season, our club has drafted and trained young passionate athletes in the field of volleyball. With a total number of 35 professional volleyball players, competing both in the male and female tournaments; our teams have consistently won national tournaments, industry wide championships, and have even won second place at the national volleyball championship games. Our roster includes former Mongolian national team players and league MVP’s. Every year, we organize a blood donation operation in cooperation with the National Blood Transfusion Center, to expand voluntary and unpaid blood donation activities and join humanitarian efforts to save the health and lives of others. Joining the "BILLION TREES" national movement, "National Park" established a grove where 150 trees were planted. In May 2022, 60 hectares of garbage along the Tuul river basin were cleaned with the help of our employees under the motto "LOVE OUR MOTHER EARTH". "Dream Holiday" children's holiday event is held every year on June 1st during the national children’s day, for the purposes of entertaining and leaving an enchanting memory in the minds of the children of our own employees. We connected the entrance and exit roads to main roads at all 4 branches of bus depots for easing access to buses, company employees and other pedestrians and vehicles with the use of 100% asphalt, paved with our own funds.


We aim to ensure the stability of the company's machinery, equipment, and rolling stock. Also, we aim to operate them without danger or accidents, to serve our passengers with fleet of buses that fully meet the requirements of both International and national standards. We have built a 15-bus capacity service and repair station, which is fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. Our technical and service department is working beyond the clock to ensure that our repairs and services are done in a timely manner. One of the main factors required to provide good public transport services is quality, reliable, comfortable and clean buses. Therefore, in 2012, our company renewed the fleet with 3 new HYUNDAI AEROCITY 540 buses with our own fund, which helped us build a positive reputation in the industry and the people.


Our achievements include

2006 year

"Honorary Award" of City Council

2006 year

70th Anniversary of Social Insurance Organization of Mongolia, "70 Best Insurers"

2008 year

"ALTAN JOLOO" award for the organization that created the most jobs in the auto transport sector.

2009 year

2009's leading organization in the capital's public transport sector

2010 year

Mongolian Management Association "Organization with Best Management"

2010 year

2010's leading organization in the capital's public transport sector

2011 year

"Entrepreneur-2011" organization of the Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry

2011 year

2011 leading organization in the capital's public transport sector

2011 year

2011 2012 2013 "Top-150 Enterprises" Award of the Government of Mongolia and MKU Industry

2012 year

The "Best Brand Service 2012" award jointly selected by the Ministry of Industry and Agriculture and the Mongolian Marketing Association

2013 year

"OUTSTANDING ENTREPRENEUR ORGANIZATION-2013" of the National Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Mongolia

2013 year

2013 "Leading organization" in public transport industry

2013 year

The leading organization in the automobile industry

2014 year

2014 "Leading organization" of the capital's public transport sector

2015 year

Gold category awardees at the International Century Quality (CQE) Awards held in Geneva, Switzerland

2016 year

Gold category award at the International Best Quality Award ceremony held in Berlin, Germany

2017 year

The best premium-paying employer of the year in the capital city

2017 year

First place in the competition to improve the quality and culture of public transport services in the capital

2018 year

An organization that enforces standards in the industry  

2021 year

"The leading organization" of the capital's public transport sector