1. Increase the salary of all employees of the company by at least 20-30% in 2022
  2. Remove buses from public transport service due to hours of service
  3. Bring in newer year model buses and put them into operation sooner
  4. To operate environmentally friendly natural gas-powered buses
  5. Reduce the number of buses requiring maintenance by 20%
  6. To reduce the cost of spare parts used for bus maintenance by 30%
  7. Every year, approximately 60 bus tires will be restored and retreaded
  8. Establishment of a new maintenance station for buses ТУ-1 and ТУ-2 at “Tenuun-Ogoo 3rd base LLC”
  9. Installation of a complete automatic washing machine for washing buses with recycled water at Tenun-Ogoo bus depots number 2 and 3
  10. To organize a tree planting campaign in the name of the company every year