Among the resources in the organization such as HUMAN – CAPITAL – TECHNOLOGY – FINANCE, the HUMAN aspect is the main value that has the greatest influence on the success and development of any organization. An employee of an organization is a citizen of that said organization. Because the employee’s potential is never exhausted, and… Continue reading EMPLOYEES


With the purposes of recycling and innovation, a tire factory with the complete list of tools and equipment for fixing and retreading old tires of buses working in public transport services was put into operation. Additionally, for the first time in the field of public transportation, a complete 720 persons capacity sports gymnasium was built… Continue reading CREATIVE MIND AND INNOVATIVE INITIATIVES


20% of the company’s public transport buses (which translates to total of 24 buses), run on CNG natural gas. Which makes these buses zero emission emitting eco-friendly transports for the city. In order to serve the passengers of Ulaanbaatar city with clean transportation, a fully automatic eco-washing station for buses with recycled gray water at… Continue reading ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY AND SAFE PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION


In order to create a competent and stable employee, we pay special attention to the training and development and assessment of competencies in order to improve and develop the knowledge and skills of employees, to cultivate the leadership skills of managers, to strengthen the relationship between employees and managers, and to strengthen the capabilities of… Continue reading LEADERSHIP AND SKILLS


Our company founded “Tenuun-Ogoo Sports Club” in 2011 as part of its social responsibility, and for the 11th season, our club has drafted and trained young passionate athletes in the field of volleyball. With a total number of 35 professional volleyball players, competing both in the male and female tournaments; our teams have consistently won… Continue reading SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY


We aim to ensure the stability of the company’s machinery, equipment, and rolling stock. Also, we aim to operate them without danger or accidents, to serve our passengers with fleet of buses that fully meet the requirements of both International and national standards. We have built a 15-bus capacity service and repair station, which is… Continue reading RELIABLE AND QUALITY SERVICE

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