Our company founded “Tenuun-Ogoo Sports Club” in 2011 as part of its social responsibility, and for the 11th season, our club has drafted and trained young passionate athletes in the field of volleyball. With a total number of 35 professional volleyball players, competing both in the male and female tournaments; our teams have consistently won national tournaments, industry wide championships, and have even won second place at the national volleyball championship games. Our roster includes former Mongolian national team players and league MVP’s. Every year, we organize a blood donation operation in cooperation with the National Blood Transfusion Center, to expand voluntary and unpaid blood donation activities and join humanitarian efforts to save the health and lives of others. Joining the “BILLION TREES” national movement, “National Park” established a grove where 150 trees were planted. In May 2022, 60 hectares of garbage along the Tuul river basin were cleaned with the help of our employees under the motto “LOVE OUR MOTHER EARTH”. “Dream Holiday” children’s holiday event is held every year on June 1st during the national children’s day, for the purposes of entertaining and leaving an enchanting memory in the minds of the children of our own employees.

We connected the entrance and exit roads to main roads at all 4 branches of bus depots for easing access to buses, company employees and other pedestrians and vehicles with the use of 100% asphalt, paved with our own funds.